Beautiful eyebrow shape is one of the secrets of a beautiful make-up. Many girls do not attach much importance to their eyebrows, or sometimes give more than çduhet. Eyebrows are the frame for our eyes and can show us beautiful and sweet or wild and spoil the overall performance of our face. So to take care of our appearance and to give shape eyebrows. brings you some advice on how to remove eyebrows. Moment përtshtatshëm remove your eyebrows after a shower or bath. You can also use a towel or damp warm cloth to open the pores of your skin so that the lifting of eyebrows to be easier and less painful. Do not forget to remove the hair in the direction that they grow and not otherwise.

Some scholars Technische Universität Munich have shown that olive oil helps you lose weight and to fill the stomach. Those who have so far thought that olive oil was a fat like all the others, now have to change their mind. Various studies have teguar that olive oil affects blood sugar levels by slowing asorbimin his body. The study examined four types of fats përdoryura often in cooking: fat, butter, cooking oil and olive oil. Each of these fats contain kimikie elements that stimulate the feeling of satiety. But among these, namely olive oil is one that stimulates more sense and above all, none of those who underwent the study there was no increase in weight and increased fats in the blood.

Sat a wise man among some men and some of them opened the topic of marriage and women. One of them said: Women are like shoes, man can change them as he wants, until they find përshtatshme.Të shoe attendees went to the wise man, and said: – What do you think o wise man speech said this gentleman ..?? He said: It is what the brother said is completely true. Women shoes in the eyes of those who see themselves as foot .. But it is the Crown in the eyes of one who sees himself as kokë.Prandaj not blame the speaker but to find out how he sees